Project Summary

CISTERN aims to research technologies for CMOS image sensors, time of flight sensors, zoom optics, multispectral imaging and real time image processing algorithms that are needed in the next generation of several application domains.

 Application domains that will be covered are:

  • Digital Lifestyle: Broadcast image systems for the first generation of Ultra High Definition Television and 3D entertainment systems.

  • High-end Security, Ultra High Definition (UHD) Surveillance Systems.

  • Multi-spectral imaging for specific applications like sorting in the food industry


The research will focus on:

  • Smaller high-performance pixels integrated with high quality optics and image processing

  • In-pixel attenuation functionality and in-pixel area temperature sensing.

  • Combined optimization of the lens, optical path inside the camera and optics on top of the sensor for best in class performance, while lowering the overall cost of the system.

  • High performance 320k Time of Fight imager, allowing 4 times more lateral resolution and increased depth resolution.

  • A new technology to get multispectral sensors by hybridization of a CMOS sensor and a multispectral filter at pixel scale. This technology is developed to offer a high flexibility in multispectral configurations and production volumes.  

CISTERN has 5 partners, 3 partners are state of the art manufacturers in the application domains mentioned above and 2 partners are universities with departments specialized in the research topics covered in CISTERN.

The consortium will deliver demonstrators of the new technologies developed which will not only lead to the manufacturing partners producing new revenue generating products, but also intellectual property in the form of patents and innovative new technologies.