Consortium Profile and History

Adimec Advanced Image Systems B.V. ( specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras that meet the application-specific requirements of key market segments, including machine vision, medical imaging, and global security. Founded in 1992, the company partners with major OEMs around the world to facilitate the creation of industry-leading cameras. The unique Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology provides new levels of precision and accuracy to vision systems. Its diverse line of camera products meets a wide range of performance, size, cost, interface and application requirements. Adimec has offices around the world focused on creating customer value and satisfaction through local, personalized support.


Grass Valley Nederland B.V. ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grass Valley, a Belden brand. Grass Valley provides a wide range of video (and enabling) technologies, systems, finished products and services to consumers and professionals of the entertainment and media industries. Grass Valley Nederland B.V. is a leading manufacturer of digital camera equipment and related systems for the professional television and video production communities. Development, front-end manufacturing, service and sales for the Benelux are located in Breda, The Netherlands. The product range covers HDTV broadcast system cameras. Grass Valley is well experienced in the design and manufacturing of broadcast cameras, the design and application of CMOS image.


SoftKinetic Sensors N.V. ( a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, is a leader in 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies. The Brussels-based fabless semi-conductor company delivers state-of-the-art solutions in the field of 3D sensing and processing, in particular for “natural interfaces”. These include CMOS 3D Sensors, 3D camera reference designs,  software development kits, algorithms and applications for gesture recognition, object scanning, automotive control and augmented/virtual reality.


TU Delft ( is one of the three technical universities in the Netherlands. The Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, part of the faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, is focuses on all kind of sensors. The CMOS image sensor research group is part of this laboratory. The CMOS image sensor group is focusing on low-noise pixels to allow single-photon detection and smart pixels. Smart pixels are pixels can do more than just sensing the amount of light that is impinging on the pixel. In this project, the combination of image sensing and temperature sensing will be explored. The latter will allow implementing an increased correction for the dark current/frame compensation, and in this way, ultra-low-light level imaging will be possible. And this again is fully in line with low-noise pixels (serving the same objective) and is in line with the expertise of the colleagues within the laboratory.


The University of Burgundy - uB  (en.u-bourgogne.fris a multi-disciplinary university composed of 20 Faculties and Departments. uB fulfills a dual mission of education and research in all scientific fields, among which Social sciences, Humanities, Physical sciences, and Life sciences. uB is located in Bourgogne (Burgundy). The main campus is in Dijon and 4 others campus are located in Auxerre (North), Nevers (West), Chalon sur Saone and Le Creusot (South).
With about 100 research staff members, Le2i  laboratory ( is one of the 4 most important laboratories in uB, Created in 1994, It's affiliated to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) since 2000. The main topics of the Le2I are Computer Science, Electronic and Computer Vision. Research activity combines computer vision and image processing, optics, smart sensing and electronics, artificial intelligence and information systems.



SME Companies




 The projects builds on the experience op many projects like:

  • MEDEA+/CATRENE projects ASIC-CCD TritonZ and ICAF

  • ENIAC project BASTION

  • FP7 project 2020 3D Media and CAReIOCA

  • IBBT project ICON 3DTAV 2.0 and Aspro+

  • PiD-ZON project EVA

  • BSIK-ESI project Falcon

  • ECSEL JUI project EXIST

The CISTERN consortium consists of a team of in total 4 SME’s and 2 universities from Belgium, France and the Netherlands, all are experts in their field. Many of the partners have been successfully working together in earlier projects.