The first project results from Adimec and Grass Valley.

Grass Valley developed the LDX86N series cameras. Native HD/3G/4K UHD high-speed camera solutions. This serie uses the first test silicon develop in CISTERN. The final silicon will be used for a new next product.

Grass Valley together with partners worked together to make Arena TV's first of three 4K IP truks a reality.

Press releases

Introduction of the C86N which uses first silicon we made in CISTERN (2017):


Introduction of the LDX 86 which uses first silicon of CISTERN (2016):



Adimec developed a new CMOS Extend Day Cameras serie with adaptive resolution. This resulted in the first 4K UHD Rugged Daylight Camera beyond HD.

Adimec’s Adaptive Resolution functionality eliminates the concerns with the smaller pixel size of CMOS image sensors and the need to change optics. Adaptive Resolution is proprietary interpolation algorithms in the camera to adapt CMOS pixels to deliver equivalent or better image quality as CCD at the same field of view.  The new CMOS pixels outperform CCD pixels of the same size with higher sensitivity, higher dynamic range, and higher MTF (especially for Bayer RGB color).  An additional benefit is digital zoom capability.